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Young Life wants every kid, everywhere to experience the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Kids in every culture respond to that life-changing message when caring adults are willing to first earn the right to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Currently the International South Division has 312 national staff, 52 U.S. staff, and 4,509 volunteers serving more than 327,000 kids, in 57 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

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The Ministry

National Ministries
Young Life Staff share their lives with young people in foreign countries. This is accomplished by working in direct ministry with kids as well as recruiting and training local youth workers, whether in English or an indigenous language.
International School Ministries
This is a unique ministry to TCKs, "Third Culture Kids," who live outside their home countries and usually attend English-based international schools. Their parents often work for multinational businesses, diplomatic agencies, or the United Nations. These kids are the next generation of world leaders.
Military Community Youth Ministries
MCYM is a joint-venture between Young Life and Youth for Christ that reaches kids with the Gospel on US military bases worldwide. The military culture provides some unique challenges for students, including losing a third of their friends every year to transfers and frequently being worried about parents being called off to war.
Young Life Expeditions
Young Life Expeditions are one-week to three-month short-term volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals to serve in countries where Young Life is either currently ministering or being developed. Service trips, summer internships and work crew-type experiences are available. Dates vary, but most opportunities are in either the spring or summer.

Amicus International Student Exchange
When you can't go into all the world, sometimes all of the world comes to you. Young Life seeks to fulfill the Great Commission by bringing foreign exchange students from other countries to the US to live with American families and attend Young Life events and camps.
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Young Life leaders around the world come alongside young people who have the potential to become transformational leaders in their communities and countries. Developing Global Leaders offers educational funds, life-skills mentoring and Young Life ministry training for the leaders of tomorrow. Being a sponsor means entering into a relationship that blesses a young person of great promise. For as little as $25/month, you can make a difference!

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